November, Tuesday 29th


08:30 - Registration

09:00 - Welcome

09:30 - Linking conservation prioritisation and practical action  by Joachim Gratzfeld

10:30 - Break

11:00 - Cuban Biodiversity and magnolias by Alejandro Palmarola


Session 1

11:30 - On the biology of Magnolia  virginiana subsp. oviedoae en Cuba by Ramona Oviedo

11:50 - Conservation of magnolias in Cuba by Luis R. Gonzalez Torres

12:10 - Conserving the Magnolia diversity of the Caribbean: progress and prospects by Emily Veltjen

12:30 - Towards conservation of Magnolia section Talauma in the Caribbean and Mesoamerica by Marie-Stéphanie Samain

12:50 - General discussion


13:00 - Lunch at Melia marina Hotel (Buffet)


13:30 - Trip to Majaguillar Swamp, habitat of Magnolia virginiana subsp. oviedoae


20:00 - Welcome dinner at "Kike-Kcho Restaurant" and cultural entertainment

November, Wednesday 30


07:30 - Mid-conference field trip to Topes de Collantes, habitat of Magnolia cubensis subsp. cubensis. 

12:30 - Lunch at Mogote "Mi Retiro" Restaurant


December, Thursday 1 

7:30 - visit to the National Botanic Garden (Havana city), we will see in cultivation Magnolia orbicular (native), M. grandiflora and Michellia champaca

12:30 - Lunch at Botanic Garden

13:30 - Old Havana guided tour, includes visit to Magnolia grandiflora plants given by First Lady Michelle Obama to the people of Cuba

17:00 - Soft-dinner at Old Havana (Sloppy Joe´s Bar)

December, Friday 2


Session 2

09:00 - Current status of populations of Magnolia rzedowskiana in the Sierra Madre Oriental, Mexico by Marisol Gutiérrez Lozano

09:20 - The current situation and development of Yulan (Magnolia denudata) in Nanzhao County, Henan, China by Qinglin Liu

09:40 - Habitat and population structure of Magnolia cristalensis in Sierra de Nipe and Alto de Iberia, Cuba by Jose L. Gomez

10:10 - Reproduction of Magnolias from the Dominican Republic by Ramón Elías Castillo Torres

10:20 - General discussion


10:30 - Break


Session 3

11:00 - Magnolia cubensis subsp. cubensis population structure in the ecological reservation “El Gigante” by Yenia Molina Pelegrín

11:20 - Notes on taxonomy and conservation of the family Magnoliaceae from Vietnam by Vu Quang Nam

11:40 - Assessment of genetic stability in somatic embryogenesis regenerated plants of Magnolia dealbata by Angélica Chávez-Cortazar

12:00 - Cryopreservation of Magnolia macrophylla var. ashei shoot tips by droplet vitrification by Raquel Folgado

12:20 - Ex situ Cultivated Flora of China: Magnoliaceae by Huang Hongwen

12:40 - General discussion


13:00 - Lunch at Melia Marina Hotel (Buffet)


Session 4

14:00 - Investigations of factors affecting health, reproductive capacity and species distribution of the endangered Magnolia macrophylla var. ashei by Gary Knox

14:20 - What do we know about ecological interactions of Colombian magnolias? by Marcela Serna González

14:40 - Temporal variation of population structure of Magnolia virginiana subsp. oviedoae in Majaguillar Swamp Cuba by Ernesto Testé

15:00 - Fruit structure and evolution in Magnoliaceae (Magnoliales) – an ‘archaic’ angiosperms family by Mikhail S. Romanov

15:20 - Evolutionary relationships in Magnoliaceae: an update by J. Antonio Vázquez-García

15:40 - General discussion


15:30 - Break


16:00 - Closing remarks


20:00 - Farewell dinner at "Kike-Kcho Restaurant" with Cuban Music Concert