How can I add additional guests for the Symposium?

You can add up to five guests when you are registering for the Symposium. If you want to add more than five guests or you want to add guests once you have finished your registration then you should arrange a wire transfer to the Symposium bank account:


Beneficiary Name: Planta! Plantlife Conservation Society
Beneficiary Address: 2922 W 3rd Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6K1M7
Bank Name: Royal Bank of Canada
Branch Address: 2490 MacDonald St, Vancouver, BC, V6K 3Z1
Bank Number: 003
Transit Number: 07680
Account Number: 4003125
ABA Number: 021000021
Account currency: USD


You should add your name (registrant) and the name of the guest(s) to the wire transfer details.


Please, notice that you should cover all the bank fees.


If you have problem using this method, please, contact Luis Gonzalez Torres at luis@planta.ngo.

Is there any other information?

Useful links can be found at http://www.worldpassageltd.com/useful-links/

Are lunches included for guests?

Guests will buy their own lunches. They can eat at any restaurant either in the hotel or the village. Lunch is included for symposium participants (those paying full registration).

How far is the symposium venue from the hotel and from the beach?

400 m (about a quarter of a mile).

Aside from enjoying the beach, what activities can guests do while magnolia enthusiasts attend the symposium?

Guests can book excursions at the hotel to nearby tourist attractions. There are plenty of options to choose from at the hotel desk.

Are there any cautions for visitors?

It is recommended that visitors drink bottled water while in Varadero. Most hotels offer bottled water in your hotel room and can also be purchased in the hotel’s shop and in grocery stores. The ice and drinking water served in the hotels are generally made from purified water.

What voltage is used in Varadero hotels?

110V or 220V (Adapters may be required at select hotels and are available on a very limited basis. We suggest you bring your own.)

Is there internet at the Symposium hotel?

Yes, there is internet at the hotel but it is not included. Internet prepaid cards are available at the check-in desk. Some hotels offer wifi, also at a fee.

Will American or European mobile phones work in Cuba?

Roaming is available in Cuba, but attendees should check with his/her carrier.

What about taxes and tipping in Cuba?

Generally, taxes are automatically added to purchases. The tipping percentage is similar to that at home. If you receive good service, express your gratitude and offer a tip.

Will American or European credit cards work in Cuba?

Credit cards NOT issued by U.S. banks (i.e. European bank credit cards) will work in Cuba.

Credit cards issued by U.S. banks will be accepted in the future, but the date of implementation is not known.

What currency is used in Varadero (Cuba)?

The Cuban Convertible Peso (often abbreviated CUC) is the currency used at hotels and other tourism locations in Varadero. Money may be exchanged at the Havana Airport, Varadero Airport, the hotels, and other locations in cities.

What languages are spoken in Varadero?

Spanish. English is widely spoken in most areas. English is the official language of the Symposium.